Constantly checking their email is most likely a common practice among internet users. Many users tend to go to their email inbox frequently to check whether they have any incoming email while browsing the internet or doing some other things. There might be some important email that these users are expecting. However, constantly having to go to your email account might be disruptive especially if you are focusing on some work or reading some important materials. If you are a Gmail user using Google Chrome as your default browser, Google Mail Checker, a free Chrome extension will be a tremendous help.

Google Mail Checker is a useful plug-in to Google Chrome browser which will display the number of unread messages in users’ Google Mail inbox. With this plug-in added to the browser, there will be a tiny icon in the shape of mail added to the menu bar. The icon functions as an indicator which will tell users the total unread email. If there are new unread email messages or users want to check their email, they can click just click on to the button to open their Gmail Inbox. If users want to use it for Google Apps, they just need to right click the icon, select option and then enter the path to their domain name.

Email Indicator