Jessica Simpson Poster of Employee of the MonthJessica Simpson new movie Employee of the Month is a comedy film. Although the movie contains crude and sexual humor and language, you would never expect Jessica Ann Simpson (whose cast is Amy), an American pop music singer, although whose public image has increasingly sexual but never naked in public or in photo gallery, to appear nude in the Employee of the Month comedy movie that also starring Dane Cook.

Warning: This article contains photo with nudity. Stop here if you may be offended or at work.

Google News had featured Jessica Simpson nude image thumbnail on its Entertainment section news grouping about Employee of the Month, giving an impression that the movie contains nude scene of Jessica Simpson.

The naked Jessica Simpson image photo is obviously a fake Jessica Simpson nude photo, and was sourced from an article about Employee of the Month on Eye of Gambling. It’s unknown why a Jessica Simpson naked image was attached to the article, and thus made it way into Google News index. The article and the photo has since been taken down from EOG site and Google News, however, if you still want to read the article titled “Jessica Simpson bombs in Employee of the Month”, Google Cache still has a copy.

Jessica Simpson in Nude
Nude photo of Jessica Simpson in Google News