Google has announced its mobile version of Google Voice for Android and Blackberry phones users. The Google Voice for mobile will brings voicemail transcriptions, the ability to call and text with the Google Voice number, and cheap international dialing to mobile phone.


The users can use the app to make outgoing SMS messages and calls from their Google Voice number. Besides, the app has been improved the mobile experience of Google Voice in number of ways.

The Google Voice app has been integrated with the phone native address book that making it easier to call or text with Google Voice number. The Voice mail transcriptions are now available and the app will highlight individual words during playback. In addition, the users can enjoy the Google Voice’s low-priced international call rates which starting from $0.02 per minute.

The Google Voice for mobile is now available for download at or Android Market and is expected to be available soon for iPhone users. However,  the desktop users still can use the Google Voice features through