If you are frequent buyers from eBay, you may observe the sudden price increase especially when approaching to the bid process closing time. This is expected as some bidders tend to hide their interests with the hope that they can win at lower bidding price, and whoever make the last highest bid will win before the rest able to react with new bid at higher price. If you wonder how you can closely monitor the bidding price and place the bid at final seconds, goSnipe has a online solution for you.

For the start before you can enjoy such service, users will need to sign up for free at goSnipe by entering eBay id, password as well as email for verification. Once completed, log in and you will notice a powerful search interface that looks much simpler and straight forward than eBay native search. Key in any keyword to start the search, and at any desired item, click on ‘goSnipe!’ button will prompt you to enter your desired maximum bid that will automatically be placed on your behalf at last minutes before the auction closed. On top of this, it allows users to setup group (in case you have multiple similar items that would like to be monitored) and once any of them has been successfully won, the rest will be automatically canceled so that you don’t have duplicated winning bids.

Without the need to install any software, goSnipe is in beta now and is free for sign up that will greatly increase your chance of winning the bid at reasonable price by hiding your interest until very last seconds before auction closed.