Previously we mentioned about ScreenCastle that allows users to record screencasts directly from web browser, now there is a similar web based free service that allows users to do the same but this time enhanced with audio recording as well. Named as GoView, it is a free web service that can capture screen animation with audio and share to others online in simple steps.


For the start, users will need to create a free account here. Then, download and install the screen recorder software in order for the program to work correctly. Once you have successfully installed the software, a small icon will appear in your system tray. Right clicking on it followed by a ‘Record Screen & Audio’ press will start the recording immediately. Users can either pause in the middle of recording or stop the recording as desired and all these will be stored in an online secure Citrix data center. Good thing is, users can share this immediately via a URL link with or without encryption password at own preference.

If you are experiencing no audio being recorded throughout the recording process, right clicking on the icon -> preference and you will have a few audio setup selections available. Select the ‘Digital Audio – Microphone’ so that your audio will be feed through the microphone to your PC correctly.

Since the utility is web based, sometimes the uploading process may take a while and it only works great if you have a good and stable broadband service. Nevertheless, this is quite a nice free service and especially useful when you want to develop a long distance self starter training kit with audio enabled at no charge.