If you are Apple’s iPhone users and is looking for Push mail function for Gmail here is a good news for you. Just recently, Tiverias Apps has just released a new Gmail Push application dedicated for iPhone mobile devices. Named as GPush, it will leverage on the push-notification feature that being enhanced in the iPhone 3.0 OS and eventually allows users to instantly receive and view the Gmails just like instant text messages on your mobile device while on the move.

Basically no setup is required and users just need to login using your Gmail username and password after installing the application. Once completed that, you will get push notification whenever a new email arrives so that you can check them instantly. However, there is still some limitation especially when in a scenario that the network connection are unstable such as network switch between 3G and local Wi-Fi, which could potentially cause the Gmails to be in queue but only those latest emails will be pushed to the screen to avoid continuously long and annoying notifications. Also, it doesn’t support multiple accounts in case you have more than one Gmail account that is intended to be setup.

Nevertheless, it is still a great apps especially when you are relying very much on Gmail for daily communication. The GPush is currently available at iTune store at 99 cents only and is definitely worth the money spent for ‘always connected’ everywhere as long as there is internet access.