Do you know how much time is spent on reading email and responding to them? Some email junkie have admitted to spending most of their time at work responding to email. Knowing how much time is spent in front of the mailbox can perhaps help companies to plan and manage their time better. Graph Your Inbox can give an accurate analysis of email activity for Gmail users.

Graph Your Inbox is a Chrome extension which allows Gmail users to analyze their Gmail activities and transform these activities in visual format to give users a better idea what’s going on. This simple tool will graph Gmail activity over time to present an analysis to users. With this application added to Google Chrome browser, an icon will appear in the Chrome address bar (to the right). Users can click on to this icon to open the extension and start graphing their email. Users can type in their client’s name, for instance, in the search box to visualize their communication activity with this particular contact, e.g. how frequently they communicate with each other in a particular month or year.

The analyzed data graph presented by Graph Your Inbox might not be interesting for some users. However, it can be quite useful when you need to do some analysis. For instance, users can use this facility to monitor their communication/follow-up with their customers. Users also can visualize their particular communication activity such as Facebook, Amazon, etc. This simple tool will expose all sorts of interesting things about users’ communication.

Graph Your Inbox currently only works with Google Chrome. It is a free extension and can be downloaded here. This application technically will illustrate your Gmail communication activity for better analysis. It wouldn’t save users’ personal information or store users’ email/password.