Documents printing is always unavoidable especially in corporate company, If without proper control, cost spending on papers and toners could be a burden. Some company does have preventive measurement such as controlling the amount of paper printing by having individual access card to printer. Now there is another solution for personal or company usage to save paper and ink on document printing. Named as GreenPrint World Edition, the intelligent software is able to scan and remove any unnecessary images, banner ads with few clicks before the documents are sent to printer.


Besides, it will alert users by highlighting unutilized pages in red so that further action can be taken before printing. Once the print job is completed, it will post a summary report on how much the user has saved throughout the simple process. According to company, the saving could be up to $90 annually on paper only, without considering saving on toner cost yet.

Quite a nice solution for green environment. Furthermore, it is a freeware and you can get it for quick trial at GreenPrint. Only one drawback, there is no option to selectively print certain images that is part of the document contents. Instead, you will either remove or print all images in the document.