Robert Moore, a youngster in his earlier twenties was sentenced to jail after committed illegal hacking acts to the telecommunication companies around the world. The misuse of his intelligent of hacking into more than 15 VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service providers has put him into big trouble when he needs to serve 2 years life in prison. According to the recent interview, he admitted the act but also revealed on how easy those companies could be hacked with just performing scan and breaking especially to those routers that still stick with default password.

The report stated that more than 6 million units of computers had been scanned just within June and October 2005 timeframe by the genius. And out of these numbers, there were about 70 percent of these companies and 45 percent of VOIP service providers that he scanned were unsecured with most of them still leaving ‘Cisco0’ or ‘admin’ as the default passwords.

Some do blame the equipment providers for not changing the password from default after completing the setup. But there seems to be serious issue in IT industry that so many companies don’t aware of this basic and silly mistake of not changing the default password in the system. The admin could just change the password or has the intrusion detection system in place to check the unauthorized users and all these could be prevented or detected in earlier stage.