Often times, the photos taken from your digital camera or scanned with your scanner are too large to upload onto your blogs/websites or to transfer to others. You might need to reduce the size before posting or uploading the photos. Large images take a longer time to upload and the image’s dimensions might be too big to display within the designated frame or page. Besides, it takes up a lot of your space. To reduce and resize digital images, the ideal way to do it is using professional image editors such as Adobe Photoshop.

However, excellent professional image editors might cost you some money. Furthermore, the start-up for the program sometimes is quite slow and it takes up quite a lot of your system resources. If your intention is solely to reduce and resize your images, alternately you can try some standalone photo editing tools that can perform the task on the fly and professionally.

Shrink O’Matic is a simple AIR application that can do quick image resizing. Users just need to drag and drop the images they want to resize into Shrink O’Mattic and the resizing tool will do the rest. This tool is feature-simple, easy to use and it is free. It works for both Linux and Windows OS. The limitation for this application is it only supports JPG, GIF and PNG format.

Shrink Pic is another free photo resizing tool. With Shrink Pic installed, the photos to be sent out via email or to be uploaded to the blogs/website will be resized automatically by the program. Shrink Pic will automatically detect when users are sending large photo files and compresses them in the background. Shrink Pic allows users to select the automatic resize levels, e.g. high compression, medium compression and low compression. It also allows users to enter their own custom sizes. Everything will be done from the background. This resizing tool works with Windows Platform only. Download Shrink Pic via the link here.

Besides those standalone applications, users can also try online image resizing tools to reduce images. Resizr is a helpful online image editing tool that does image resizing only. Users can easily upload a JGP file to Resizr and the service will automatically do the resizing based on the maximum image width input by users. With this service, users do not have to worry about uploading a photo or image from a computer without any image editing tool installed.