Tired of Facebook? Got some bad blood you need to vent online? Then embrace your hate and say hello to Hatebook.

Hatebook is a Facebook parody site that looks and functions exactly like Facebook… except with an evil twist.

Here’s a brief list of the “evil twist” to give you a better idea of how Hatebook compares to Facebook:

  • if you want to mail message someone on Hatebook, it’s called “junkmail”
  • instead of a blue color scheme, Hatebook is an evil red
  • profiles (called “hate profiles”) include a section called “Why I’m Better Than You!”
  • “Hate Albums” consist of photos and descriptions of things you hate
  • Are you married? Single? Hatebook doesn’t care. Your status options consist of Hater, Player, Sucker, Loser, etc.

After you create a profile, you will be greeted with the following message:

“Hello Sucker! Welcome to Hatebook! Your registration to the Evil Empire was successful. Feel free to pimp your hate profile.”

Also, you are suppose to enter in the wrong mailing address to hide from your enemies.

But why just parody Facebook when you can improve it? The German creators of Hatebook have not only recreated Facebook’s functionality, they have also improved it. For example, they’ve integrated Google Maps into Hatebook (Evil Maps) so you can locate people you hate on a map.

Does everybody love to hate? Even advertisers? Time will tell. Feel free to hate me.