There are vending machines for everything and movies on rent may be made more accessible for users in the future. Flix on Stix aims to provide users with the option of sticking a USB drive into a vending machine and picking a movie they like. They can pay $1 for three days, $2 for six days, $3 for nine days, and $4 for 12 days viewing. Like in ‘Mission Impossible’, the movie file will self-destruct once the viewing time expires. Users also have the option of buying the movie.

This innovation does away with the need for users to collect a CD or returning it. This spells convenience for users as well as prevent after service problems like scratched CDs. Users have a wide collection readily available and do not have prying eyes looking at the titles they choose to rent. Users will need to have the USB 3.0 flash drive or there may be long waits at the vending machines. Flix on Stix only allows movies to be watched on the computer or a TV with a USB port.