Most users will generally not be too concerned about the system resources as long as the computer is reliable and performing well. There is, however, exception to the rule if they are technical users such as programmers, software developers, etc. If you are keen and interested to know how your computer performs when all system resources are fully utilized and functional, the free tiny application, Heavyload, can allow you to do so.

For Windows OS users only, HeavyLoad will run the computer with maximum utilization of system resources such as running CPU at maximum capacity, creating an enormous temporary file to strain read/write on the hard disk, utilize the memory to the limit, perform complex calculations, etc. When the resources are fully occupied, users can monitor the computer’s performance to test whether it is still stable and reliable. Programmers or developers also can test run their new products whether workable under strained conditions.

HeavyLoad is not the kind of software that you need every day. You definitely would not simulate heavy activity to test your computer’s performance every day. But since this application is free, it could be handy if you need it to understand your computer better or simply want to test the system out of curiosity.

Download latest HeavyLoad via the link here.