Heroes is going digital. The hit American TV series on the the NBC network is relaunching its Web site with new interactive features coinciding with a batch of new original on-air episodes. NBC hopes the multiplatform strategy will deepen the “Heroes” mythos with additional content for Internet and mobile applications.

Some of these new digital offerings include a real-time, two-screen application that plays out on the PC along with each episode, commentary from cast members set to streamed episodes, and mobile content.

NBC is even making special viral clips to help promote Heroes on video sharing sites like Vmix and YouTube. The latest Heroes clip is a parody called “Zeroes” about ordinary people with relatively pointless abilities. Check it out on Vmix. If you are a fan of the show you’ll really enjoy it.

Channels by NBC

Jeff Gaspin, president of NBC Universal Cable Entertainment and Digital Content had this to say about the new online presence for Heroes in The Hollywood Reporter: “Heroes has proven itself a hit on-air and online, and these extensions of rich, original content will allow our audience unprecedented access to new levels of the show as they dig deeper.”

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