Many users tend to do personal things while at work such as surfing internet, messaging with friends, playing games, etc. It may happen that colleagues and superiors suddenly walk by and they have to immediately close the program or minimize it. Some users probably even have to restart their computer or turn off their monitor to avoid being caught in an embarrassing situation. If you have ever experienced this, perhaps NCS’ WinVisible can give you an alternative solution.

NCS WinVisible is an interesting and tiny application that can help users to hide running applications from the taskbar with their assigned hotkeys. With this privacy-protector application, users can configure the applications with special hotkeys and just press the hotkeys to hide the application immediately. To bring back the invisible application to the taskbar, users just need to press another set of separate hotkeys to call it back to the Windows taskbar or the system tray.

Besides hiding the running applications from being seen by others, WinVisible also offers another feature which terminates or kills the running applications immediately with certain assigned hotkeys. By pressing the hotkeys, the applications will be terminated immediately but the unsaved work will be lost. Hence users need to be cautious if they press these hotkeys.

WinVisible will be quite useful for users who want to keep their secret or do not intend to let other people know what they are doing.

Download the free WinVisible: