One great disadvantage about e-reading is you can’t highlight the electronic material or add some notes to them. Of course you can print out the content to make remarks, annotate notes, add comments, etc. However, it consumes time and incurs printing costs if you do so. Furthermore, it creates a lot of hassle for you to compile, organize and store the printout. To make life easier and to overcome the problem, users can try the free e-material highlighter or sticky note. That is how the idea for Webnotes service comes about.

Available free in the basic version, users can sign up with WebNotes to create a personal account. Once the account is created, users can download and install the WebNotes toolbar in the browser. There are various useful buttons available at the toolbar. Users can click the Highlighter button to activate the feature. To highlight some important parts in a page, users just need to drag their mouse across the texts and the highlighted effect will be shown immediately. Users can choose yellow, orange, blue or green to make the marking.


Highlight Important Notes with Various Colors

Besides highlighting important text, users also can click on to the “Sticky Note” button to create annotations and stick on the page.

Stick Note

Users can save the pages appended with notes and highlighted points, or share with others. Users particularly educationists , researchers, students, writers and analysts will find the services in WebNotes useful and practical to record and organize information for future use. Students, for instance, can highlight the key points in some articles and share these within their study group.