spotifyMusic lovers probably would like this new music service called Spotify which allows users to access a huge library of music and enjoy instant music via a hybrid P2P connection. This interesting music service provider, through a tiny application, offers music enthusiasts the ability to enjoy songs without needing to download them into a hard disk. The songs are streamed and the transmission is smooth. Users can also make use of this music streaming application to organize and create their favorite playlists. They can share their own playlists with friends and others.

The best part is Spotify consumes very few resources and yet doesn’t compromise its music quality. The music quality played on Spotify is comparable to 160kbps MP3s standard. To continue to supply a huge collection for its music library, Spotify has also cut deals with major record labels such as EMI, Warner Music, Sony BMG, etc., which have responded positively to this new concept. The downside of this interesting music channel is its lack of compatibility with portable players such as iPods and MP3 players.

Spotify is currently in beta version. In this stage, it can only be used in limited countries, e.g. UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Spain and France.