You may have many apps installed in iPhone with multiple pages on your Springboard and by default, it will return you to the same page where the most recently closed app located. If you are looking for way that can always return it to the first home page where you put all your premium or important apps, here is a simple tweak from Cydia that can help you to achieve it. Named as HomePage, it will bring users back to the first SpringBoard page after apps closing or screen locking.

Since this is in Cydia, it also means that you will need to jailbreak your iPhone before can enjoy it. Assuming that you have already jailbroken it, just head over to Cydia and under ‘Search’, key in ‘HomePage’ and it will list down the respective app ready for download. Download and follow by a Springboard restart will make it effective. Do take note that there will be no new icon after the installation but you should be able to notice the effect right away.

No doubt this tweak is great for those that have many pages of apps but would like to return to the first SpringBoard screen for faster access to frequently used apps for more effective use.