Inserting “Jump Link” extension will be very useful when you want to organize your webpage so that it can redirect readers to the relevant target links. It saves readers time and make the reading more interesting and convenient. Technically, users also can apply the jump link extension concept to their emails especially if the emails are long and organized into sectionals.

Adding jump links into emails when you are using Outlook is pretty simple. Just follow the following steps:

1. Compose your new email and type in your message

2. Highlight the word/phase/sentence in your email body where you want to add a jump link into it

3. Once it is highlighted, go to Insert/Bookmark. Type in a name for this bookmark and click Add.

4. Now go back to the top portion of your email and highlight the word/phase/sentence that you want it to link to the bookmark created when people click on it.

5. Go to Insert and select Hyperlink. On a prompted Windows, click on “Bookmark”. A small box, “Select an existing place” will pop out. Click on the name of the relevant bookmark which you have created just now. Once it is done, click OK.

6. You can create as many jump-link as you want following the above steps.

Once you have finished, make sure you test all your jump-links by pressing “CTRL” + Click to follow the link.