To make your DIY movie clips in the YouTube video sharing website more interesting and comprehensible for a global audience to view and share, you should probably consider adding in subtitles and captions. If your self-made video is in a foreign language, subtitles in an international language such as English, are especially important so that your masterpiece is accessible to the world at large. Besides, adding in appropriate subtitles and captions also helps the audience to understand better your original idea if they can’t follow the audio track.

Of course you can add in subtitles and captions during the movie making using some movie maker tools. Most of these movie maker applications equip you with subtitle/caption creating function. In case you have completed your movie and uploaded it to YouTube, there are still various ways you can add subtitles and captions. If you have files with the captions and subtitles in them, then the process of adding captions or subtitles becomes much easier. You can refer to the standard procedure and step-by-step guide offered by YouTube’s help center to do so.

Alternately, you can use some web service to help you add your subtitles and caption. Subyo is one of the web services to help registered users to add subtitles in their YouTube video. Users need to register before using the service. The registration process is quite fast. After registration, users can log in to Subyo and enter the URL of the YouTube video that users want to add in subtitles. Users will see the video they have chosen and a big text field below. Users can add their subtitles to the text field displayed and also decide or fix the timing. Besides adding subtitles and captions, users can also use this site to search for subtitles for particular video clips submitted by others.

Functioning quite similarly to Subyo, OverStream is another site which allows users to add subtitles and captions to YouTube and other video sharing platforms such as Google Video, MySpace video and Daily Motion. Registered users can use Overstream’s online editor to add and edit their subtitles. Watch the demo here.

Try out these free services to make your video clips more interesting.