For Windows user who wants to find a way to impress others, or looks for a quite trick to show off, why not enter some text or message right beside the system clock on Windows Taskbar. Let “I Love You” appears on your lover’s or girlfriend’s computer, or stamp your name on Taskbar of Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP couldn’t be easier with a little trick.

The following hack allows user to add or append custom text or message of up to 12 characters in length beside the system clock in System Tray (Notification Area) at the end of Windows Taskbar, by modifying the AM or PM string that typically set to display for time format.

WARNING: The trick may make applications that depend on timestamps to function abnormally or encounter problems and errors.

  1. Go to Control Panel -> Region and Language or Regional and Language Options.
  2. In the Formats tab, click on Additional settings or Customize this format button.
  3. Go to the Time tab.
  4. Change the AM symbol and PM symbol fields to enter any message up to a maximum of 12 characters to display on notification area after the clock.

    Customize AM and PM Symbol for Custom Text

    Note that any change to AM symbol will only be seen during AM hours (12 midnight – 12 noon), and likewise for PM symbol, which will only be displayed on PM hours (12 noon – 12 night).

  5. Click Apply to save and apply the settings. The customized and modified text string will immediately appear after the clock on Windows Taskbar Notification Area.

The result is something similar to figure below.

Custom Text After Clock

Note that all functions that use Windows time format will be affected, including when pressing F5 to display current time in Notepad or use .LOG function to show current time in Notepad.

Custom Time Format in Notepad