Firefox 3 has introduced a lot of changes and improvements, and one of them is related to bookmarks feature. In Firefox 3, a “star” button to allow user to bookmark the focused page immediately and instantly has been added to the end of Location Address Bar. When click, Firefox 3 quick-save the web page into Bookmarks’ Unsorted Bookmarks category without any pop-up or confirmation box.

However, as fast as it can be, there is a downside too, as users no longer able to add and place a bookmark directly into a folder within Bookmarks root hierarchy. To edit and move the folder of the bookmark created using full-fledged bookmarks editor is pretty time consuming and defeat the purpose of the Location Bar direct bookmark shortcut feature.

To add and place a bookmark directly in nested sub-folder in Firefox 3 bookmark when clicking on the star button at the end of the Location Bar is almost impossible. However, there is a quick workaround that can be used to display the dialog box where user can change the bookmark name, location (folder), and associated tags, simply double click on the ‘star’ button twice. A drop-down menu with quick fields to change the bookmark folder, edit tags or simply remove the link from your bookmarks will be displayed.

Bookmark to a Folder via Location Bar

Alternatively, just use Ctrl-D keyboard accelerator or click on Bookmarks menu and then select Bookmark This Page to have the same dialog opens with editable fields to customize name, folder and tags. Or open Bookmarks sidebar (press Ctrl-B or click on View -> Sidebar -> Bookmarks), and then drag and drop the URL from Location Bar into a folder of choice.