If you are Dreambox’s user and would like to figure out the way on how to snapshot image appeared on TV, here is a simple steps that you can try. At any time you may able to grab a digital camera or try to snap it but nothing is more convenient than its built in capability using Enigma web interface.

In order to achieve this, please follow below steps:

  1. Connect both PC and Dreambox using Ethernet cable.
  2. On the Dreambox remote control, go to Menu -> Setup -> Expert Setup -> Communication Setup and read the IP address of the Dreambox. The IP address will be used on next step.
  3. On the PC screen, launch Internet Explorer and key in the IP address in the address field. For instance: Type (following IP address shown in Step ii.)
  4. Once prompted by password, enter ‘Root’ as User Name and ‘Dreambox’ as Password to access the Dreambox.
  5. On the main menu, go to click on ‘CONTROL’ button and on the left pane, you will notice a few buttons for selection such as OSDshot, LCDshot, Screenshot and etc. Depending on your preference, just click on any of them will snapshot the current picture displayed on your TV which can then be easily saved on your PC for further editing. If you are interested only on its menu content or would like to hide picture due to sensitive content, OSDshot could be your other option.

These steps are much simpler than the use of digital camera which tends to create bulkier files and hopefully it will simplify your effort whenever there is a need to share TV screen capture using Dreambox satellite decoder.