Windows 7 Taskbar is another new feature offered in Windows 7 that allows users to manage and control their desktop and software applications better. By default, all the program icons are aligned left on the Windows 7 Taskbar, adjacent to the Start icon. The icons are well arranged in the Taskbar for easy viewing. If, however, users prefer a change from the default left alignment or want to create a different look, they can center align the Taskbar icons instead.

To center align the Taskbar icons, users can follow the steps below:

1. Create an empty folder on the Windows desktop or in My Document folder and give a name to the folder, e.g. ABC in this case;

2. Right Click the taskbar. On the Menu prompted, uncheck the item “Lock The Taskbar”;

3. Right Click the taskbar again. On the Menu prompted, select Toolbar -> New Toolbar.

4. Users will be required to make selection on folder. Users need to locate and select the folder created in Step 1 earlier.

5. Users can right click on the new toolbar created (ABC in this case). Uncheck the item “Show Text” and “Show Title”

6. Users now can drag the dotted separator appearing on the Taskbar to the left side, located in between the Start icon and Taskbar icons. Once users release the mouse, users will see the Taskbar Icons neatly center aligned.

7. To reinstate to its original setting, users just need to right click the new toolbar (ABC Toolbar in this case) and choose close. In the prompted message, users just to click OK to proceed to close it.

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