It’s always a good practice to change the password for any account regularly, especially in view of growing threats of phishing attack and account hacking. Hackers and malicious attackers uses illegal and unlawful ways to get various accounts user name and password credentials for monetary, spamming, and other reasons. Among the main target is Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live (MSN) Messenger.

Both Windows Live Hotmail and MSN Messenger uses Windows Live ID common logon service, which previously known as MSN Passport. To change the password for Windows Live ID, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Windows Live Account page at the following URL:

  2. If prompted, sign in to Windows Live service using Windows Live ID (normally Hotmail or MSN Messenger email address) which user wants to change the password, with its corresponding existing password.

    If login required, make sure the link location is pointing to domain or sub-domain hosted on host (i.e. normally starts with with Extended Validation certificate information on the name “Microsoft Corporation (US)” to avoid phishing scam.

  3. User will be directed to a “Change your password” page.

    Change Windows Live Account (Hotmail and MSN Messenger) Password

    Enter the Old Password, New Password, and then Retype New Password. There is password strength indicator which gives an indication of how complex and how secure the password from been guessed or brute forced.

  4. Optionally, tick the check box for Make my password expire every 72 days option in order to force Windows Live prompts user to change password automatically after 72 days.
  5. Click Save button when done.