If you are Dreambox user and would like to connect a single decoder to receive multiple satellite channels from the sky, here are a few simple steps that you can follow to do it yourself without any experienced technician involved.

First, what you need to have is a DiSEqC switch (with multiple-input and single-output), a dreambox, a few satellite dishes and necessary coaxial cablings. Assuming that you already have them hooked up correctly, proceed to the decoder menu list to get them configured or else it may not work as expected.

i. On the remote control, go to Menu -> Setup -> Service Searching -> Satellite Configuration.

ii. Under the drop down menu, select ‘non-standard user defined configuration’. Depending on your default program lists, you may have some satellites pre-programmed as listed in the Sat/Position, followed by configurable LNB, 22kHz, Voltage and etc. If it is not, just add them in accordingly.

iii. Once after you have the desired satellite lists, go to highlight its LNB section respectively followed by ‘OK’ button press will bring up the next sub-menu with the name of LNB Configuration. Verify that the LOF/L(H) and Threshold value are correct based on your LNB specification (it can be obtained from datasheet or printing on the LNB itself).

iv. If there is any change on LNB Configuration, do remember to save it before proceeding to next page otherwise the new entry may lose. Once done, go to next page by pressing Blue button on remote control.

v. Over here you will notice a few parameters that need to be configured. For Toneburst, select ‘None’; and on DiSEqC Mode, select correct version number (ex: Version 1.0) and when come to the DiSEqC Paramater, this is the tricky part and you will have to verify the correct input (of your DiSEqC) that connected to the respective satellite dishes. For instance, if you are using a 4-in-1 DiSEqC switch, you will notice that there are four input ports, namely LNB1, 2, 3 and 4 as well as an output Receiver port. So if you connecting satellite dish A using LNB1, just set the DiSEqC Paramater to AA in the LNB Configuration, or LNB2 to AB, LNB3 to BA and LNB4 to BB accordingly.

vi. By now, you should have gotten the right signal strength (assuming that your dishes have been positioned and tuned correctly) and just do a transponder scan will able to list down all the available channel lists.

Hopefully these simple steps will help you save your time figuring out the way to connect multiple dishes to a single Dreambox decoder.