It is common to have multiple TVs at home and if you wonder how you can connect a single Openbox/Skybox/Yumy S9 HD decoder to multiple TVs for simultaneous display, here are some simple steps that you can try. Openbox/Skybox/Yumy S9 HD decoder is equipped with common AV interface such as Composite AV, RGB and even the increasing popular HDMI interface for HD media contents. So in order to be able to view similar media contents on two different TVs from same decoder, users can utilize any of these AV outputs without additional accessories or converters needed.

  1. First, make sure that you have necessary peripherals such as Composite AV output cable or HDMI cable ready.
  2. Then, connect each of them to individual TV. For instance, connect one from decoder HDMI port to HDMI based LCD TV and another composite AV output to normal TV or another LCD TV.
  3. On the remote control, remember to scale the display resolution down to 576i so that it can cater for normal CRT TV using composite AV output or otherwise you will receive a message “No OSD show, press V.format to switch to 576i resolution”.

By now, you should be able to view the same media contents on different TV and the same setup can be deployed if you are having TV located at different area such as living or master room, as long as you have a long AV or HDMI cable or else a wireless AV Transmitter/Receiver device will be helpful.