Portable Document Format or PDF in short is an open standard file format that is quite commonly in use nowadays. Users can easily convert their documents to PDF format either via standalone application, office suite plug-in, web-based tool, or online service, etc. The conversion process is free and simple. However, if you have a document in PDF format and you are required to convert it back to text document, you might have difficulty finding a suitable tool. Instead of retyping the whole document (in case you get stuck), you can probably try the following applications:

Easy Pdf to Text Extractor
Easy Pdf to Text Extractor is a free tool that might be suitable for users who regularly need to extract text from Adobe PDF files. This converter program is pretty fast and it can help to convert multiple pdf documents to text format at one time. The output after conversion, however, will not be perfectly done. Of course users need to spend some time to do some manual correction. Users who want to try can download it via the link here.

PDFUndo is another alternative to convert PDF files to text format. It is an online PDF to Word converter that can help users to convert PDF files to text format for FREE. Users can just go to PDFUndo, upload their PDF file, convert it, and finally download the converted file in a Word document. Similar to “Easy Pdf to Text Extractor”, the output might not be perfectly satisfactory. Some touch-up or correction probably needs to be done especially if the PDF file has a lot of formatting information. If users do not like to use web service, there is also PDFUndo Desktop version. It is free. Users can just provide their name and email address and they will be given a download link. Users just need to download the converter and install it locally in their computers.

Both Easy-Pdf-to-Text-Extractor and PDFUndo work well with Windows OS. Similarly, both do not support password protected or encrypted PDF files.