There could be occasion that you would like to do create a backup file in your Dreambox satellite decoder so that it can be restored whenever something went wrong unexpectedly. If you wonder how to do it, below are simple steps that you can follow to get it done.

Assuming that you have connect your Dreambox satellite decoder to TV, follow below steps to create the backup and then restore it when necessary:

  1. Go to Menu -> Setup -> Blue-Panel -> Extras/Setup.
  2. Browse to ‘created Backup’ and press enter. Choose the script and directory to save with the file name. Tick/Check on specific settings such as Enigma, Gemini, satellites.xml, Addons and etc.
  3. Press on ‘Start’ button and just wait for it to process and save those setting in designated local directory.
  4. Similarly, when there is a need to retrieve it, just go to Menu -> Setup -> Blue-Panel -> Extras/Setup, and browse to ‘restore Backup’ and search for the correct backup file in .gz format, then press on Green OK button follow by a confirmation of ‘Yes’ when prompted with “Are you sure you want to install this /tmp/xx.tar.gz?” and you are done.

Alternatively, users can try to FTP or telnet to var/tmp folder in the Dreambox decoder to create and retrieve backup depending on own preference.