Adobe Photoshop CS3 implements an activation system that similar to Windows XP and Windows Vista in order to full unrestricted and unlimited use. By default, Adobe Photoshop CS3 comes with 30 days free trial period. To use Photoshop CS3 beyond 30 days evaluation period, user must activate the software program online or over the phone.

According to license terms, Adobe Photoshop CS3 can only be installed on two computers at the same time. Anymore activation requests will fail and be rejected if user tries to activate Adobe Photoshop CS3 too many times. Luckily, unlike Microsoft, Adobe provides an easy way to deactivate existing installed copy of the Adobe Photoshop CS3 so that the serial number key can be used on another computer, or used to re-activate the same computer after reformatting and reinstalling operating system.

To deactivate Adobe Photoshop CS3, run Adobe Photoshop CS3 program. Then click on Help menu, and select Deactivate. The option to erase my serial number from this computer after deactivation completes is optional, and can be left unchecked. Click on Deactivate button when ready to unactivate the existing copy of Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Deactivate Adobe PhotoShop CS3

Once deactivated, the serial number key can be used to activate another copy of Adobe PhotoShop CS3 on another computer, or used to reactivate the same application on current PC after reinstalling.