Within a Blogger account, user can create as many blogs as he or she likes. When too many blogs are clogging the Blogger Dashboard, managing the blogs may become difficult and inconvenient, especially when looking for blog to post or edit. Whatever the reason, there may be a need to delete a blog from your Blogger account, and here’s the easy guide on how to delete a Blogger blog.

  1. Sign in to Blogger account.
  2. At Blogger Dashboard, click on Settings link.

    Edit Blogger Template and Settings

    It’s also possible to click on Customize or New Post link in the NavBar when viewing the blog to be deleted. In this case, click on Settings tab.

  3. Click on the Delete blog link on the top of Basic Settings page.

    Delete Blogger Blog

  4. Click on DELETE THIS BLOG button to confirm the deletion and removal of blog from Blogger.

    Delete Blogger Blog

    Tip: Click on “export it” link to download the blog to your local computer before deletion. The exported blog is in XML format.