Web clips in Gmail is a single line text that displayed on top of the Gmail’s mailbox. Web clips initially is used as a auto-rotating RSS reader in Gmail to show contents from RSS feeds, but has since been expanded to include Google Ads, Gmail tips, and custom contents.

Web Clips in Gmail

Web clips can be customized and configured to show only only contents from RSS feeds, news sources, or other headlines that interested by end-users themselves. However, it’s impossible to turn off and disable Google Ads from displaying as part of the web clips. For Gmail users who want to see more of the mailbox and less of ads, even if it’s just a line, here’s the way to disable and remove web clips.

  1. Login to Gmail.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Go to Web Clips tab.
  4. Unselect (untick) the check box for Show my web clips above the Inbox option.

    Remove Gmail Web Clips

  5. The line for web clips will be removed and hidden instantly.