For iPhone users, one of the surprise is that every email messages sent from the iPhone will be automatically appended with a footnote that read “Sent from my iPhone”. While the message that been added to the bottom of each and every outgoing emails that been sent by using iPhone is a nice show-off to the world that you owns a nice piece of gadget, but on some cases, the email message is best kept clean.

For example, some people may not prefer to provide free publicity or ads for Apple iPhone. And some employees may don’t want the bosses to suspect that they’re in fact not in office when they’re emailing from a mobile and portable device. In addition, on iPhone mobile plan with limited data bandwidth, every additional characters sent will mean more bandwidth will be used, which translates to higher usage costs if the free data allocation has been used up.

The “Sent from my iPhone” message can be easily disabled and removed from the emails sent via iPhone. By default, the “Sent from my iPhone” is configured as the signature for outgoing email messages on iPhone.

To remove the “Sent from my iPhone” text:

  1. On the iPhone Home screen, tap Settings.
  2. Tap the Mail button.
  3. Tap the Signature.
  4. To remove the “Sent from my iPhone” string, remove the signature to blank. Alternatively, just change the signature to whatever text user prefers.

    Sent from my iPhone