UUSee is a P2P TV or streaming video application program from China. UUSee streams hundreds if not thousands of TV channels, movies, drama series, sports events, video clips, music videos, documentaries, music, animations and etc for free watching, most of the video in decently high image quality and fluency.

UUSee, though free, is resorting to technique used by adware and malware to earn revenue, by installing all kind of junks, spam shortcuts, unwanted programs, unannounced settings and etc, either to cause UUSee users to visit sponsors’ websites, or to use user’s computer resources without permissions.

And one such programs that installed, and ran by UUSee is UUSeeMediaCenter.exe. The specific purpose of UUSeeMediaCenter.exe is unknown although it’s supposedly to be a “Media Center”, but it’s run by UUSee whenever the program is started. However, even if user has closed down or exited UUSee player, the UUSeeMediaCenter.exe will continue to run in the background, which can be seen from Task Manager.

UUSee player does not require UUSeeMediaCenter.exe to work properly. User can manually terminate and end the process via Task Manager, but the better way to get rid of and prevent UUSeeMediaCenter.exe from running permanently, is to delete and remove the UUSeeMediaCenter.exe file.

To delete the file, navigate to the following folder:

%ProgramFile%/Common Files/uusee

Note: %ProgramFile(x86)% in 64-bit (x64) version of Windows operating system.

Delete or rename the UUSeeMediaCenter.exe file. Terminate the process with Task Manager prior to deletion or rename or else the file will be in used and prevent any change.

Tip: You may also want to rename or remove UUUpgrade.exe, where if you grants the program elevated privilege when starting UUSee, will reinstall UUSeeMediaCenter.exe and all other kind of craps into your PC, such as IE add-ons and etc.