Conversation view or email threading which groups emails with same topic together has been one of the main features that pioneered by Gmail, the free email services from Google. Conversation view helps to keep the mailbox tidy and compact which otherwise may be cluttered. The email threading and grouping also makes reading and replying the email messages easier.

Since Gmail debuted 6 years ago in 2004, conversation view has been mandatory with no option to disable or turn off the email threading conversation view. With new feature added into Gmail, now conversation view is an optional feature, which user who wants e-mail messages is ungrouped, split and is listed by date sequentially in the mailbox can disable and turn off the conversation view.

Here’s how to disable and turn off conversation view in Gmail. The trick also works in Google Apps account.

  1. Login to Gmail account.
  2. Go to Settings (on top right corner).
  3. In the General tab, locate the Conversation View section.
  4. Click on the radio button of Conversation view off.

    Disable Conversation View in Gmail

  5. Click on Save Changes button.

The change to the mailbox will be immediate, where conversation view will be removed, and all threaded and grouped email messages will be split to list according to date individually.

Tip: To revert the change and activate back the conversation view, just select the “Conversation view on” option.