Being an active user in Facebook for years, probably you have posted many messages, photos, videos and other information to this social site. You probably want to save or backup a copy of all your profile information from Facebook into your computer for whatsoever reason. Facebook has made things simpler for its users by adding in a new feature, Download Your Information, to allow users to download everything from their own profile, e.g. posted photo and videos, friend lists, messages, status update, events, wall posts, etc.

To download information from your Facebook profile, users just need to click on to “Account” which is located on the top right corner of their Facebook main page. Once users go in to their My Account setting page, users just need to click on to the “Download Your Information” button to download their personal information available in their account to the machine. For security reasons, users at this juncture need to make request and get consent from Facebook before they can download the relevant information. Once they click on to the download button, Facebook will notify users via email with a valid download link and the download process is password protected. Users need to enter the correct password before downloading. The information is downloaded to users’ computer is in zip format. Users need to unzip and retrieve the information accordingly.

Facebook’s Download Your Information feature is rolling out in stages. Some users might not find this feature in their account at this point of time but it will soon available. Users can view the demo presented by Facebook on this new feature.