Nintendo Wii is very popular gaming console that still sold out in many stores around the world, equipped with a DVD-ROM drive. However, the DVD drive does not equip with DVD player or playback function and feature. For some reason, Nintendo released Wii with DVD disabled, causing owner unable to use Wii to watch DVD movies or titles. However, with little hack, it’s possible to enable and turn on DVD player feature in the unmodified Wii.

For Nintendo Wii owner who want to skip buying a separate unit of DVD player, the hack is pretty simple, although user requires to add Homebrew Channel (some Wii, especially firmware version 3.3 or without a modchip may require Twilight Hack too) to the Wii to add ability for Wii to run home-brew software. And then, download and install the installer.dol found in the DVD installer package to install a DVD-capable version of mplayer on an unmodified system.

mplayer is a full feature media player that able to play back DVDVideo, and also supports reading video files off the SD card as an experimental feature. So to playback any DVD, just launch mplayer. Beside, for Wii console which has a mod chip, patchmii_core.dol is also required, and user has to click on patchmii install first before proceeding to normal install.

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