Dell Venue Pro is a Windows Phone 7 mobile device manufactured by Dell, and as such, does not currently support Internet tethering which allows the phone to be used as a USB Modem for computer to connect to Internet via 2G or 3G mobile data connection. Most Windows Phone 7 has been hacked to enable Internet tethering, such as WP7 made by HTC, Samsung and LG, with Dell Venue Pro also gets hacked.

Here’s how to turn on and enable Internet tethering on Dell Venue Pro WP7 mobile device. The hack for Dell device can be performed on locked (original unmodified) or unlocked device, which makes the trick easier to perform when comparing with the hack for HTC device, as the hack requires a modified version HTC USB Modem device driver.

  1. Download device driver for Dell Venue Pro modem which is extracted from HTC Sync:

    32-bit (x86) Driver: HTC BMP USB Driver
    64-bit (x64) Driver: HTC BMP USB Driver

  2. Unpack and extract the content of the ZIP archive.
  3. Edit both the HtcUsbMdmV32.inf and HtcVComV32.inf (for 32-bit OS) or HtcUsbMdmV64.inf and HtcVComV64.inf (for 64-bit OS), and replace the HTC device IDs with Dell device IDs.

    Replace the following code (each file contains one only):


    With the following (same for both files):


  4. Open Dell Venue Pro (DVP) dialer, and press ##634# to open EM, and then go to Service Center.
  5. Switch to composite mode with the password as *#301# to enable tethering mode.
  6. Reboot the phone.
  7. Connect DVP to PC.
  8. Open Device Manager on PC. Select the unknown device that has the following ID:


    Select update driver and point to the root of the modified driver files and let the system driver installed.

  9. Edit the HTC USB Modem properties and go to Advanced tab, and then add in the following additional command:


    Replace APN with the actual APN name of your mobile carrier.

  10. Create a new dial-up connection with the HTC USB Modem, with the number to dial as *99# without any user name and password.
  11. Your computer is now connected to Internet via Dell Windows Phone 7.