Are you the one like to use notepad to keep all confidential data such as user id, password, bank account number, credit card number and etc? If yes, then you are at risk of giving chance to other people or even hackers to steal your personal data. How do you ensure the data kept in the text file is really secured? Now, there is a utility, named as Steganos LockNote that is able to encrypt the text file so that your sensitive data is protected from being accessed or stolen by anyone.


Steganos LockNote is free a utility and is able to encrypt your valuable data by using a password and the most advance AES 256bit encryption technology. To use this utility, no installation is required, just run the executable file and you will see a notepad-like interface. Type your data here and once you have saved the file, it will prompt you to enter password to encrypt the file. Another impressive feature is that, if you have any existing text file and would like to encrypt it by using this utility, it doesn’t require you to copy and paste the contents to LockNote interface and save it to another file name. Instead, what you need to do is just drag the text file and drop it to LockNote interface, then it will detect and ask your permission to convert this file. It is pretty easy and fast to convert any existing text files. Once the file is encrypted, you will notice that the file is ended with exe extension. To view or edit the content, just double click the file and it will prompt you to enter password to decrypt the file, enter the password and you will be able to view or edit the file as usual.

Steganos LockNote version 1.0.4 is a tiny utility which consumes only 312 KB. It is compatible to run with Windows 2000, XP and Vista. Since it is an executable file and no installation is required, you can copy it to thumb drive and bring it anywhere as you need.