battery.pngAre you using Windows Vista on your notebook? If you are thinking to squeeze some extra times out of your battery, you can try out the Vista Battery Saver utility. Vista Battery Saver is a handy application that switches off some of Vista’s unnecessary energy hogs (namely Aero and the Windows Sidebar) and re-enables them once you plug your notebook back into a power socket.

These settings are available even in Vista Advanced Power Settings. Beside, Vista Battery Saver provides easy access with all configuration in one nice screen by running in task bar with private workset of 5.5M and use 0% CPU resouce. Once the laptop power source changed (connect and switch on or switch off adapter power) or battery falls under certain level, Vista Battery Saver will do its job by enabling and disabling customizable features.

Check out Vista Battery Saver at Codeplex, or download it immediately.