Hacking a computer, or at least the attempt to hack a computer comes across the mind of many people, but not many equip with the technical skill necessary to carry out the task to hack the computer. Different people looking to hack or crack into a computer for different reason. Some for fun, some for spying on spouse or lover, some for skill testing, some for forensic evidence gathering, some just because they truly need to access the PC as password has been forgotten, while others just want to proclaim that they has the hacking skill.

Whatever your reason, if you want to hack a computer, here’s a video tutorial which showing the guide on how to hack into a computer. Take a look at the video, and let us know whether if it works for you.

Well, okay, the video guide is just a joke. It’s not going to get you hacking into any computer or PC. Don’t follow what been shown, else you will have to spend hundreds of bucks to get a new PC. You’re responsible on your own action if you decide to follow the action in video after watching it.

And, what a waste to the computer, if it’s still a working one.