If If you are Samsung Omnia owner and for any reason you would like to perform a hard reset so that the phone can be restored to factory default settings, here are the few alternatives that you can try. Basically, by doing so will able to remove any suspicious and problematic apps that may potentially cause any instability issue to your smartphone before deciding to do a whole firmware re-flash or hardware diagnostic.

Obviously, the most simple one is users can access your Windows mobile GUI directly by going into Start -> Settings, then under the System tab, click on Hard Reset icon followed by ‘Clear all data’. And when it prompts users to confirm the action, just key in the correct Device Lock Code (default is 1234) and it will do the rest. But in case the Device Lock Code has been altered or changed, you may want to consider the second option. As relatively easier as compared to the first option, just press both the Send and End key (on both left and right of your mouse pad) and while holding them, use a stylus to poke on the ‘Reset’ button and release it (while still holding down both the Send and End key) until a Format Screen is appeared. Then, press the Send key to format the phone. If you are not aware, there is actually a third option that you can try which is mainly relied on the soft Dial Pad on your Samsung Omnia. After you are in Phone mode, just dial *2767*3855# and within seconds the smartphone will restart that will restore it into default factory settings immediately.

Do take extra precaution that those steps mentioned above will erase all your personal data especially the third option that doesn’t even give you any warning message at all. So, it is always recommended to do proper backup before proceeding with any of these steps.