Instead of attaching huge files through email, sharing the folder or file is probably one of the most convenient ways to share the huge file over the network. However, sometimes we may forget to unshare the folder or file which could potentially expose your computer and open up the risk of being infected by virus easily or your valuable data being stolen since the remote users can connect to your computer through the share folder. How can you identify what are folders or files you forgot to unshare in your computer in order to avoid such incidents? Here are the two methods you can use to identify shared folders quickly in Windows XP.

Use net share command to show share folders

1. Go to Start -> Run, then type cmd and click OK to launch the command prompt

2. At the command prompt, type net share and press enter.


Use Microsoft Management Console to show share folders

1. Rght click on My Computer, then choose Manage.

2. On the right panel of Computer Management window, expand Shared Folders, then click on Shares folder.


Hopefully these simple tips will help you to detect shared folders and safeguard your personal PC from being intruded by unauthorized third parties.