Some Firefox users might be of the opinion that the default page scrolling speed in the Firefox browser is slightly slow and maintained at a standard speed rate regardless of how many times you roll your mouse wheel. Some users particularly who are impatient will easily get frustrated when they are browsing or reading up long pages of content. If the page scrolling speed in the browser can be increased or accelerated, it will be much welcomed for many users.

In fact in the new Firefox 3.6 browser, the developer had actually added an important feature namely Scroll Acceleration in the browser to assist users who might have wanted to speed up their page scrolling rate. However, this feature was thence decided to be turned off by the developer and postponed to the newer version release as it could conflict with some mouse drivers and encounter problems such as double acceleration.

Despite the concerns of the developer, if users would still like to try the acceleration feature and enable it to increase the page scrolling speed in Firefox, users can activate and turn it on easily. To enable this secret and hidden feature to enhance the browsing experience, users just need to do some simple setting following the steps below:

  • Type in about:config in the address box.
  • Search for mousewheel.acceleration.start via the filter box.
  • Users can thence set their preferred number of successive mouse scrolls to accelerate the page scrolling speed
  • Once it is done, go to mousewheel.acceleration.factor to change value and set to how many times faster users want to scroll.

Via the above adjustments, users will be able to change the page scrolling speed. Users can change and try various values in order to satisfy their own most preferred speed setting.