For users who managed to install MapSource for free with no licensed Garmin map from CD or DVD disc media, there may be a problem where maps installed to MapSource is not shown or displayed. In other word, despite Garmin MapSource has already been installed, and free maps (or unlicensed and unauthorized unlocked maps) been installed, MapSource simply won’t display and show the maps available.

In addition, although with all the free maps or downloaded unlocked maps installed, the Map Tool button is disabled or grayed out. The View toolbar, which displays map set names, zoom in, zoom out, map scale and map detail settings selection, is also not displayed or shown.

MapSource requires at least a legitimate map installed on MapSource in order to display other free maps that have been installed, probably as a safeguard against unauthorized map usage. Thus, for the free maps to work on MapSource, a properly licensed map must be installed on the MapSource, which can be map from the series of MapSource WorldMap, Trip and Waypoin Manager, MetroGuide, City Navigator etc.

Unfortunately, most of these Garmin products are not free. And if the user plans to buy the map, the MapSource is included, and thus user does not need the hack to install MapSource without CD or DVD. For people who does not want to buy any of the Garmin map for MapSource, there is a free alternative or workaround to install a legitimate map to MapSource, so that all other free maps such as the maps from OpenStreetMap, which available for many countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Europe, UK, North America, US, Canada, China, Japan and community maps such as MalFreeMaps and MalSingMaps, can be imported and shown on MapSourc

The trick is to download and install Garmin Training Center Software, which comes with a PC Basemap. The most important thing is that the Training Center software is free, and is available for free download for both Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

MapSource with Free Maps Installed without CD or DVD Media

Download Garmin Training Center Software from