Microsoft Mathematics Add-in for Microsoft Word and Microsoft OneNote is a set of tools that enable users to plot graphs in 2D and 3D, calculate numerical results, solve equations or inequalities, and simplify algebraic expressions in Word documents and OneNote notebooks. This add-in is aimed to those professional users, teachers and students who need to perform mathematical calculations and plot graphs in Word documents and OneNote notebooks. The Microsoft Mathematics Add-In has been featured with an extensive collection of mathematical symbols and structures to display clearly formatted mathematical expressions. Besides that, the users also can quickly insert commonly used expressions and math structures by using the Equation gallery.

Tasks can be performed by Microsoft Mathematics Add-in includes:

  • Compute standard mathematical functions such as roots and logarithms.
  • Compute trigonometric functions such as sine and cosine.
  • Find derivatives and integrals, limits, and sums and products of series.
  • Perform matrix operations such as inverses, addition and multiplication.
  • Perform operations on complex numbers.
  • Plot 2-D graphs in Cartesian and polar coordinates.
  • Plot 3-D graphs in Cartesian, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates.
  • Solve equations and inequalities.
  • Calculate statistical functions, such as mode and variance, on lists of numbers.
  • Factor polynomials or integers.
  • Simplify or expand algebraic expressions.

The Microsoft Mathematics add-in works well in Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft OneNote 2010 and Microsoft Office Word 2007. To grab the free Mathematics Add-in for Microsoft Word and Microsoft OneNote,  just follow the below steps:

  1. Download Microsoft Mathematics Add-in: 
  2. Double-click the MASetup.exe to execute installation, then follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.
  3. Once completed installation, start Word or OneNote program and you’ll see the new equation, computation and graphing options on the Mathematics tab.

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