The user interface of Windows 7 can be translated and converted to another language, with the use of a language pack, commonly known as MUI (Multilingual User Interface) or LIP (Language Interface Pack). With language pack, text in wizards, dialog boxes, menus, and other components in the Windows 7 UI can be converted into another display language from the default display language installed.

Additional language packs for supported editions of Windows 7 (i.e. Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 7 Enterprise) can be downloaded via Windows Update, from MSDN and TechNet Subscriber Downloads section, or by downloading the leaked cabinet files or LIP’s ISO images that float in Internet. If you manage to download additional language pack cabinet files, use the following how-to guide to install the new display language.

Note: If you downloaded a DVD or CD ISO image, extract the file from the image first. This guide assumes that you’re not using Windows Update to download and install the language pack, which will be done automatically.

How To Install a Language Pack in Windows 7

  1. Click on Start button, then go to Control Panel.
  2. In Category view, click on Clock, Language, and Region link.

    Clock, Language and Region Settings in Windows 7

    In Icons view, click on Regional and Language icon, and then go to Keyboards and Languages tab.

  3. Click on Install or uninstall display languages under “Region and Language” section or Install/uninstall languages under “Display Language” section”.

    Install or Uninstall Language Packs

  4. In the “Install or uninstall display languages” wizard, click on Install display languages.

    Install Language Packs in Windows 7

  5. Click Browse computer or network to locate and install language packs manually.

    Select MUI or LIP Language Packs from Computer or Network Location

  6. Type or browse to the folder that contains the language pack files. The language file must be in .CAB extension, typical named as “”.

    Install Additional MUI Language Packs in Windows 7

    Once selected and if at least one valid language pack (either MUI or LIP) is found, the wizard will list all languages available to install, together with native name, type (MUI or LIP) and size.

  7. Tick the check boxes of all languages that want to be installed. Actually, the check boxes are checked by default, so you should untick and uncheck the check boxes of display languages that don’t want to be installed.
  8. Click on Next button when ready.
  9. Check the radio button for I accept the license terms, then click on Next button.

    Language Packs Installation License

  10. Wait for the installation to finish, which may take a while.

    Setup Installation of Display Language in Windows 7

  11. Once all selected language files is installed successfully, a confirmation screen will be shown.

    Completed Installation of Display Language

    Click Next button.

  12. If you wish to change to new display language, select the desired display language from the list of languages available. Then, click on Change display language button. Optional is whether to also apply the new display language to welcome screen and system accounts.

    Change Display Language in Windows 7

    Else, click on Close button to exit.

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  • Gavriel Bar-Netz

    I have a Windows 7 Home Premium. I’m trying to install the Hebrew MUI, but it’s always resulting in a “Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library” crash. I’ve already tried to install using through Windows Update and the downloaded file. Always the same problem. How can I solve it?

  • Jxion

    How do i do, when i have something like this?

  • JAson

    i bought a notebook at japan and windows7 home premium. All my language is japanese can anyone help control panal doesnot have the display language and no h the optional update too.

    my mail is: [email protected]

    • tom

      try hitting ALT+Shift to turn the keyboard into English..

  • Majid


    you know i have a Toshiba notebook and its display language is Japanese and unfortunately i don't know Japanese language. so i checked Regional and Languages in Control Panel to install my fav language but the problem is there's no any link to install/uninstall further languages.i downoaded the pack but now it's useless.

    how can i do it? i need to know

  • calvin lam

    i buy a lp at japan and windows7 home premium.i have a problem here.all my language is japanese can any ppl help control panal no have the display language and no have the optional update too.pls reply me tq.

    my mail is [email protected]

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  • Churito

    This is for "abhi" n° 13 or anyother who needs this. I have a file named:Windows 7 Final retail version.ISO in English and is compressed in a 9.28MB .rar when opened is = 3.49GB. Would you like this? It's NOT a joke NOR a virus I can upload screen captures if you doubt. I'm just trying to get info about this compression method but couldn't get any up to now. Please tell me so as to upload archive and captures. Regards.

  • abhi

    i have window 7 home premimum

    i want to install english

    please help me

  • Naveed

    file not found?

    tell me y?

  • Angara

    Use vistalizator.
    it worked for me.

  • roberto

    good night,

    my windows 7 did not come with this folder dialog, so I could not install Language Pack (LIP) … how to do.



    Change the date, time or number format

    my home WINDOWS 7 PREMIUN came pre installed from the United States.




    good night,
    my windows 7 does not come with this folder dialog, so I could not install Language Pack (LIP) … how to do.

    Change the date, time or number format

    my WINDOWS PREMIUN 7 Home came pre-installed in the United States.

  • tulio

    Hey guys

    I have the same problem Rafael have (had).

    I don`t have the display language on my control panel.

    Does anybody know something to appear on the language bar or another thing to translate the display language to portuguese???

    please, send me an email if you can help me:

    [email protected]

    Thanks a lot.

  • Daniel

    Hello friend, I have a note 7 with windows home premium, is to translate it and keep the original?

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  • rafael

    i`m with some problems to translate my windows 7 professional to portuguese,i unpacked the file, but i don`t have the display language on my control panel.

    Does anybody know if there`s some other way to install it,or make it appear on the language bar??

    plz, send me a email to [email protected]


  • Liuk

    it only works with enterprise and ultimate!

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