A program hanging can cause your computer to become very slow or even unresponsive. When encountering such situation, what you normally do is to go to task manager, look for the culprit program that eats up huge CPU utilization and kill it. However, sometimes you may not able to do so. No matter how many times you have tried to kill the process, the process still continues to run and doesn’t leave any CPU cycle for other tasks processing, ended up that you need to hard reboot your computer. This could be very irritating and inefficient, even worst is you may lost the data that cannot be recovered completely. Now here is a utility that can kill and terminate the stubborn processes without having you to reboot your computer system.

The utility is known as PsKill from Microsoft Sysinternals. PsKill is an executable file that doesn’t required any installation. It is not only able to kill processes locally, but also able to kills processes on remote computers. To use PsKill to kill hang process, follow below instructions:

1. Download PsKill utility.

2. Unzip the package and copy pskill.exe to C:\WINDOWS\system32.

3. Right click on taskbar then select Task Manager. Go to Processes tab and look for the hang process PID. If PID column doesn’t not exist, go to View -> Select Columns, tick PID (Process Identifier). Write down the PID value.

4. Open command prompt by going to Start -> Run, then type cmd and press enter.

5. Type pskill, space and followed by the PID value. For example, if the PID is 9596, then type pskill 9596 and press enter. The process will be terminated without affecting other running processes.