There are many satellite decoders that you can purchase from market but among those series that can support HD (High Definition) with PVR (Personal Video Recorder) features, Openbox/Skybox are considered affordable as compared to Dreambox HD series such as DM800. Besides, some users may able to find Orton HD X403p at comparable price as a good alternative but if you are not familiar with its setup for the first time, setting up card sharing account could be a hassle as compared to Openbox/Skybox or Dreambox. If you are looking for guidance, here are some simple steps that you can follow.

Assuming that you already have the dish installed in right position and your card sharing account ready, proceed to below steps by using remote control and observe on the TV screen.

  1. First, go to Menu -> Internet -> Net Client Config.

  2. Under Net Client Config, go to Edit.

  3. Then type in respective Server Name, Service Port, User Name, Password and etc.

  4. Press Red button to store/ save the settings.
  5. Repeat Step 2 to 4 if you have more than one server account to connect the card sharing.

Once completed, restart the Orton HD X403p and you should be able to view the channels, with assumption that the server, internet connection and dish positioning are set correctly.

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  • Luqman

    pls i need an account of Server Name, Service Port, User Name, Password etc for my ORTON X403p HD receiver. i dont mind to pay for it, but it must be real and at least a year

  • Desire

    I hav the ORTON HD X403p Satellite Receiver, but i need to get the manual in English.
    I wil be glad to get help.

  • dele

    pls i want to know how i can get a servername ,username and the server port including d password to configure HD X403P

  • dele

    pls i did not know the sever that i would paid to,pls direct me ,

  • ossai chika

    please can the orton hd x403p do card splitting?

    • dele

      pls i just buy a orton hd x403p and i put my internet is not working, pls tell how to set Server Name, Service Port, User Name, Password and etc help me out

  • salako adfesina

    Please can you tell me how I can load card sharing account into Orton HD x403p using USB method

  • abdul

    please can 4669z open scramble as T-link does? If yes pls how

  • Sadek

    Thanks for sharing this info (HD X403p Satellite Decoder) with me.
    This truely helped me

  • shybu rabiu

    thank you very much for your help,am able to solve the problem of my Orton hd x403p decoder and i want to know how to watch encrypted channel strong srt 4669z with internet connection. thank you …..

  • marwa

    hi i have starsat usb 3500

    i wish to send me upload for art & osn – showtime

    thanh to all