If you are non-tech savvy person but would like to try loading in your CCcam account into your Dreambox decoders so that they are ready to watch encrypted channels over the air, there could be multiple steps that need to go through with easy human created error and high dependency on PC system in order for it to work correctly. Without wasting too much of your time to go through the learning curve which could be time consuming, here is a great but yet very simple tool that you can rely on. Named as CCcam.cfg editor, it simplifies all the hassles involved using conventional FTP method and is suitable for all level of users even beginners as long as having basic PC knowledge.

Once download and execute the program, users will be brought to a neat interface. First, users need to confirm the IP address of your decoder by going to Menu-> Setup -> Expert Setup -> Communication Setup on your remote control (assuming that you have the decoder setup correctly). This will read and display the Dreambox IP Address that you will be keying in the IP Address field. Then, put in the default Username and Password as ‘root’ and ‘dreambox’ respectively. Press ‘Connect’ button will establish the network connection (assuming that you have connect both your PC and Dreambox decoder to switch or hub) and display the content of your CCcam cfg file ready for editing. From here, users can start modifying it by adding new cline and save the new content for it to be effective. Restart your Dreambox decoder and you are ready to watch.

The utility is downloadable at satellitecardsharing and hopefully it will manage to help reducing unnecessary human error especially for newbies when trying to load CCcam file into Dreambox decoder.